An innovative moisturising lotion which has a soothing effect on the skin, particularly for those with problematic/blemish prone complexions.  It contains Agave Nectar, Lactobacillus and Tasmanian Blue Gum Extract.  Agave Nectar, a plant biotic that contains high levels of fructose and glucose.  These sugars penetrate the skin easily, helping lock in moisture, keeping problem skin hydrated and returning a healthy glow.  Lactobacillus is a probiotic which delivers healthy bacteria to the skin, cleaning up bad bacteria and calming the skin.  Probiotics help prevent skin cells from reacting against bad bacteria which causes inflammation, meaning it could be a solution for rosacea.  Topical probiotics strengthen the skins immune system, meaning it can fight back against pathogens.  Tasmanian Blue Gum Extract delivers its full plant profile of water-soluble photo-actives, as they exist in nature – potent, active, synergistic and bio-available.  Discover its 10 powerful actives that are known for supporting skin-whitening, anti-ageing, collagen and elastin support and anti-acne possibilities.  Active Ingredients: Agave, Lactobacillus, Tasmanian Blue Gum Extract.  Naturally scented with Geranium & Cucumber.  Organic Ingredients: Rose Hip Oil.  Avoid contact with eyes and if irritation occurs stop use immediately.

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